Our Work / VisionID

Brand Strategy

The Story

VisionID provide innovative mobile computing and data capture solutions and believe in empowering their customers with knowledge to improve operational efficiencies and generating multiple ROI. With a team of over 40 personnel, the goal for the company was to expand into global markets with a focus on the UK first, before moving into other regions. To do this, we assisted VisionID in identifying vertical markets they could sell to, assessed specific pain points and challenges and packaged data capture solutions that would remedy these issues.

Our working brief included the following objectives:

  • Develop a brand strategy and core message to occupy a differentiated space in the minds of customers, prospects and employees

  • Strengthen VisionID’s position in the market

  • Develop a framework of activities to generate brand awareness and win new business


From several workshops with the senior teams and the insights gathered from customers, we created a Mission statement for VisionID.

“We are committed to empowering businesses with knowledge, to help them make more informed decisions in order to succeed. We do this by digitally connecting businesses with leading innovative data capture solutions that improve operational efficiencies and generates multiple ROI.”


The positioning developed for VisionID needed to hit home with their target market, in fact it also needed to steer us when developing the brand identity.

By speaking with their customers, we based the brand’s positioning on the goal that they wanted to achieve. We also wanted to include a real differentiator, one that VisionID had over its competitors, an area where they were strongest. Because of their flexibility and adaptability, VisionID could ‘Empower’ their customers by providing bespoke data capture solution that had a real ROI impact. Taking all of this into consideration we identified the factor that distinguishes them from the rest.

Empowering Enterprise Intelligence

The Brand Identity

We have taken inspiration from the connected services and solutions provided by VisionID and key words such as connectivity and innovation. Here the data point in the ‘I’ feeds enterprise data enabling clarity of vision for businesses to make informed decisions. We have identified ‘clarity’ as a a key selling proposition and represented this via the simple and uncluttered font composition and complementary colour.

Marketing Collateral & Vehicle Livery

Completed Scope of Work

  • Customer interviews
  • Customer segmentation & profiling
  • Market research & analysis
  • Strategic brand workshops
  • Brand vision
  • Brand personality
  • Brand truths
  • Brand identity development
  • Senior leadership team meetings
  • Brand identity rules & guidelines
  • Understanding the pre to post sales process for specific vertical markets, identify customer touch points and implement Brand across sales collateral.