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Brand Naming

Client Testimonial 


Frank Cullen, Managing Director

Brilliant and professional. Worked with Tony and team to re brand our business in 2018. Not an easy task when changing how you feel about a brand. To look at this neatly edited case study does not give the re-brand process justice. For some time we knew that we had out grown our name and our loved Chemical Direct brand. But with the daily workload needing to be done it was hard for us to make the commitment to start. Once we did the journey brought so many other benefits that we never thought of. Great customer engagement, renewed energy and brilliant ideas from our Clenli team. Presenting our business in a manner which we were proud of was the end result.100% project delivered and all deadlines exceeded. The team and brand is ready for the next chapter.  Thanks and wishing all the very best of luck from Clenli Direct.

Client Challenges

1. Chemical Direct required a name that disassociated them from industrial harsh chemicals.

2. The company needed to leverage existing brand equity into a new name/visual identity.

3. Their offering has moved into more sustainable eco-friendly products and cleaning equipment is also a much larger part of the business.

The Brief

We were challenged with developing a new name, positioning message and visual identity for the business to reflect who they are, the shifting market landscape and the new direction of their business. We proposed the following solutions:


  1. Gain an understanding of how their customers perceive the brand
  2. Develop a brand strategy to align with the company’s overall business strategy
  3. Differentiate the company from the competition
  4. Design a visual brand identity to reflect the new positioning of the business
  5. Develop a communications strategy to activate the new branding and messaging both internally and externally

Brand Strategy

Brand Research & Analysis

Key insights uncovered through customer interviews and SLT workshops revealed the dependable and innovative nature of the brand. Chemical Direct’s people are seen to be accessible and easy to deal with. The company fosters a culture of integrity and reliability and are very customer focussed, professional and driven to deliver. The ability to test products and solutions in the marketplace before supplying to customers is a unique differentiator for the business.

This gives their customers absolute confidence and peace of mind, knowing what Chemical Direct supplies will maximise cleanliness and improve efficiencies. This also provides the Chemical Direct team with more in-depth knowledge and industry know-how, bringing additional innovative solutions to market (e.g. SAMGO Service and Maintenance Software).

Brand Positioning

Insights from customer interviews revealed that customers revered Chemical Direct’s people for their friendly nature, approachability, responsiveness and reliability. The knowledge and experience built up over 25 years means Chemical Direct have the relevant know-how in providing cleaning equipment solutions that are fit for purpose. The company’s innovative culture is evident in its value add software solutions that minimise waste and maximise cleaning output. These insights were instrumental in developing a positioning message for the business that reflects their culture as well as distinguishing them from other cleaning equipment suppliers:


Reliable People, Innovative Know-how


Our reliable people will be recognised for their innovative know-how in providing solutions, to help our customers achieve and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness from floor to ceiling.

Brand Development


After 25 years, the name “Chemical Direct” was no longer appropriate, customer research confirmed it associated the company with harsh chemicals and didn’t reflect the sustainable direction taken by the business. After following our naming process, “Clenli Direct” was selected. Keywords discovered about the company during our research helped foster this name. ‘Clenli’ is an invented word but originates from the word Cleanliness. “Direct” was retained as it still spoke to the personality of the brand, “going straight to the point; frank”.

The name ‘Clenli’ is friendly and end user focused. The sound the word creates is confident and can be applied to the company much like an ally or partner, particularly for facility management or cleaning companies. The word is short and easy to remember and the letters contained within it supported a very effective creative treatment.

Visual Identity

With Innovative know-how and on the ground experience, Clenli Direct support products & solutions supplied to customers with concrete data, based on being tried and tested in the field. The company helps their customers achieve and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness from floor to ceiling which is represented by the full circle.

Leveraging their ability to test, provides the team with an environment to learn and develop new innovative know-how solutions, this is where the sparkle happens! Represented by a hand-drawn star motif, it indicates Clenli Direct’s personal and bespoke approach with customers.

Brand Activation


Once the brand and messaging was developed, we brought it to life internally within the organisation and externally to the marketplace .

Internal Brand Adoption 

The brand was launched in celebratory style at the Aviva in Dublin. The event included a stadium tour and talks from a series of speakers on topics of change, the rationale behind the new brand identity and how to move forward as a team.

Corporate Marketing

Completed Scope of Work

Brand Strategy 

  • Brand Research & Analysis
  • Brand Positioning
  • Corporate Visioning
  • Communications Strategy

Brand Development

  • Naming
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Expression
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand Guidelines

Brand Activation 

  • Internal Brand Adoption
  • Go-to-Market Planning
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Online Branding