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Brand Identity

The Background


Irish Designer, Aisling Maher creates beautiful hats, headpieces and fashion accessories. Drawing on the influence of her training as an architect, Aisling’s pieces possess a sculptural character which is timeless and breathtaking.

Aisling spent six years studying and working as an architect and has used this design experience along with time spent studying millinery in the London College of Fashion to create an inspiring collection of products.

The Brief


We were challenged with successfully positioning Aisling Maher’s brand, this required the development a brand strategy and brand identity design that will:

1. Connect with ideal target customers

2. Align with the business strategy

3. Differentiate Aisling Maher from competing boutiques

4. Influence the development of her brand

Brand Research & Insights

The following keywords consistently appeared within the customer research conducted:

  • Stylish
  • Feminine
  • Quality Boutique

However, these words could easily describe some of the business’ competitors. We needed to dig a little deeper and focus on Aisling Maher’s true differentiators which include:

  • Aisling’s unique story
  • The creation of hand-crafted pieces
  • Aisling’s eye for detail
  • Aisling’s unique ability to interpret fashion and create bespoke pieces that transform an outfit.

Brand Positioning


Aisling’s differentiator is that she is a milliner (i.e. a person who designs and creates bespoke hats). Aisling Maher’s business is a ‘Millinery’ as well as a ‘Boutique’. It was important to have these two distinctions sitting under the brand name, as it is a competitive advantage that distinguishes Aisling’s brand from competing boutiques.

Positioning Message


Exquisitely Styling You


Aisling Maher’s signature and positioning is in fact a representation of the personal approach and unique gift in styling individuals with meticulously selected garments and hand-crafted pieces. It is inspired from Aisling’s beautifully created headpieces that have a great sense of fluidity, elegance and femininity.

Brand Identity

The brand identity design takes inspiration from Art-Deco architectural influences to create the Aisling Maher Monogram. The monogram is Aisling’s stamp of authenticity representing the personal approach she takes when styling individuals.

The dot centered between the sloping lines completes the ‘A’ and signifies the origins for beading that Aisling had such a passion for at a young age. Detailed secondary graphics were created reminiscent of the elements used to create exquisite headpieces and jewelry.

Branding Solutions Delivered

Store Signage


Printed Collateral

In-store Activation

Branding Solutions Delivered

Brand Strategy 

  • Customer interviews
  • Strategic brand workshop
  • Customer segmentation & profiling
  • Market research & analysis
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand personality
  • Strategic Brand Advisory

Brand Design 

  • Brand identity
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Packaging
  • Store & In-store signage
  • In-store Activation
  • Printed Collateral