Drawn to Difference™

Our experienced design team bring brand and marketing strategies to life in the form of distinctive design across impactful marketing touchpoints and captivating  environments. Whether it is an organisational rebrand you’re seeking or a redesign of your product packaging, we have an innate ability to inspire an emotional connection with evocative visual communications.

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Your brand identity is the visual representation of your brand. Insights we gather from our marketing audits, inform the brand identity design that our experienced design team carefully craft to represent your business’ true visual image. Brand design elements include a bespoke logo, typography, colour palettes and supporting graphics. 

A brand guideline document guides how employees and external collaborators utilise different elements of the brand. Our graphic designers are highly experienced in developing brand guidelines that ensure your brand maintains a coherent image, is applied correctly across various touchpoints while maintaining a consistent tone of voice.

For businesses looking to capture attention and create a truly unique impression at tradeshows and exhibitions, we’re for you. Our marketing strategists and designers are experienced in delivering distinctive and captivating brand environments that increases footfall. We have a proven track record of generating a high number of leads for sales teams.

Packaging is an art and a science. At the very least, it must contain the product within correct materiality while also being functional, effective and convenient for the purposes of your customer. Successful packaging acts as your brand’s 24hr salesperson and we develop messaging that will influence your target market to continue choosing you over another.

Signage is a critical marketing touchpoint; it is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, its exposure is prominent and continuous. A business’ signage has the power to differentiate a location. Our experienced team designs bespoke signage in line with your marketing strategy, strengthening your strategic positioning while attracting the right customers in your door.

Our insight led graphic design team create digital marketing touchpoints that greatly enhances brand awareness amongst your target market and increases visitors your company’s website. With the right messaging and call-to-actions in place, our digital design solutions are proven to generate leads that convert into sales.

Whether preparing for a business pitch or a speaking engagement, our strategically led process develops bespoke presentations that clearly and concisely communicate the target prospect’s pain points that your business’ solutions will overcome. This is an engaging presentation brought to life through effective messaging and design that is consistent with your brand.