New Product or Service Branding

Each year more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched and 80% of them fail. This is due to companies being so focused on designing and manufacturing new products that they postpone brand strategy and brand design until it’s too late.


Brand, not Product.

How do we launch a brand as opposed to another product or service. We want to avoid product parity.

Value Proposition

How do we ensure customers are willing to pay a premium for a brand that communicates quality, consistency and trust?

Emotional Connection

How do we connect customers emotionally to our new product or service? How do we make this brand contribute to their self image?

Commodity Perception

How do we prevent our product or service from falling into the commodity trap where it is competing solely on price?

Defining Our Category

Our product or service will initially create an uncontested market, how do we make our brand synonymous with its category before me-too competitors emerge?

Brand Story

How do we script a brand narrative that is grounded in truth and will build customer loyalty?

Strategy Alignment

How will this new product or service brand sit in our brand architecture and how does the brand strategy align with our overall business strategy?

Tight Timeframe

How do we launch our new product or service brand within a reasonable timeframe to prevent our competitors capturing market share or damaging our reputation?

De-Risking Choice

Our target customers avoid risk and seek safe choices, how do we ensure our product or service brand delivers peace of mind when they buy from us?


What are the key differentiators for our new brand? There are many options in our market, what makes us stand out?

Brand Positioning

How do we strategically position our brand in our customer’s minds to stand apart from our competitors?

Leveraging Equity

How do we ensure the effective transfer of brand equity from our parent brand to our new product or service brand?

Brand Identity

How do we design a bespoke brand identity for our product or service brand that is distinctive to us and memorable to our customers?


How do we segment and target the right target customers for our new product or service brand?

Clear Messaging

This product will need to speak to a specific customer segment, what message will influence buyer behaviour?

Customer Journey

How will our target audience discover our new product or service brand? Where will they look?

Brand Congruence

How do we ensure the look & feel of our product or service brand is designed in line with our parent brand?

Brand Guardianship

How do we ensure our new product or service brand is never represented incorrectly by third parties?

Brand Roll-Out

How do we effectively roll-out our new product or service brand internally amongst our stakeholders and externally to our market? We need a coherent approach.

Online Presence

How should our new product or service brand be represented online; across our website and social media channels?

Are you Facing these Brand Challenges?


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