Place Branding

A well positioned nation, region or city will attract the ideal target people, resources and businesses. We take an ethnographic approach to place brand strategy; researching the visual, verbal, and behavioural expression of a place and its inhabitants.

Typical Challenges


How is our nation, region or city different to others? What makes it unique?

Market Research

How do we carry out extensive research to collect data and insights from a representative sample of our nation, region or city’s population?

Brand Positioning

What do we want to be known for? How do we strategically position our brand in our ideal target market’s mind?

Ethnographic Approach

How do we correctly capture the distinct culture of our people? We need an external partner who can immerse themselves in the cultural phenomena of our nation, region or city.

Current Perception

How do people outside our nation, region or city perceive our place and how do we augment or mitigate this existing perception?

Place Brand Vision

What does future success look like for our nation, region or city and how do we strategically achieve this brand vision?

Brand Identity

How do we design a bespoke brand identity for our place brand that is distinctive to us and compelling to our target market?

Market Segmentation

How do we segment and target the right target market? How do we tailor our nation, region or city’s message to these segments?


What message will attract travellers to our nation, region or city?

Place Brand Values

What are our inhabitants’ core values and how do we embody these in our brand? Do these values align with our ideal target people, resources and businesses?

Comms Strategy

We need a holistic approach in communicating our place brand, how do we implement our brand across the right media, infrastructure or events?

Sense of Pride

How do we awaken the sense of pride in our inhabitants? We need complete buy in order to move our place brand vision forward.

Brand Story

How do we script a brand narrative for our nation, region or city that is grounded in truth and will build positive perceptions?

Multiple Stakeholders

There are multiple stakeholders involved in making decisions within this place branding process, how do we complete this project in a reasonable timeframe while satisfying their concerns?

De-Risking Choice

Our target market are risk averse and seek safe choices, how do we ensure our nation, region or city brand delivers peace of mind?

Leveraging Equity

How do we ensure the effective transfer of brand equity from our nation or sister-city brand to our new place brand?

Clear Messaging

This place brand will need to speak to target the right people, resources and businesses, what messaging is correct to influence their engagement with us?

Emotional Connection

How do we create an emotional connection to our nation, region or city?

Customer Journey

How will our target market discover our new place brand? Where will they look.

Brand Congruence

How do we ensure the look & feel of our place brand is consistent across all brand touchpoints?

Brand Guardianship

How do we ensure our new place brand is never represented incorrectly by the media or third parties?

Online Presence

How should our new product or service brand be represented online; across our website and social media channels?

Are you Facing these Brand Challenges?


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