Today’s rate of change is at a faster pace than ever, the life expectancy of a firm in the S&P 500 in 1961 was around 61 years, today it’s less than 18 years. Organisations frequently outgrow their original business strategy and overlook aligning their brand strategy with their business’ new direction, resulting in a loss of employee engagement and customer attrition.

Typical Challenges

Outdated Brand

Our brand looks tired and doesn’t represent what we stand for today.


Our sales team are using inconsistent messaging and our brand is been applied inconsistently across our brand touchpoints.?

Commodity Perception

Our products/services are being undervalued by our customers, we are being utilised as vendors rather than partners?

 Employee Engagement

Our employees are not as engaged as they used to be.

 Confused Customers

Customer do not know what we stand for anymore and refer to us in another way?

Employee Attrition

Our younger talent are leaving for more idealised brands?


What differentiates our brand within an overcrowded market?

Brand Positioning

How do we strategically reposition our business now that our industry has changed?

Tender Bids

Our brand doesn’t stack up to competing brands anymore and our proposal/tender documents are letting us down.

Brand Architecture

Our brand architecture is misaligned and not strategically effective?


How do we segment and target the right target customer so we’re not wasting resources?

Customer Journey

How will we generate inbound leads and how will customers find out about our business, where will they look?

Talent Acquisition

How do we rebrand our business to attract and retain the right talent?

Value Proposition

How do we succinctly and effectively communicate the value we deliver?

Emotional Connection

How do we create an emotional connection with our audience?

Brand Narrative

How do we script a brand story that is grounded in truth and will build customer loyalty?

Brand Identity

How do we design a bespoke brand identity that is distinctive to us and memorable to customers?

Brand Congruence

How do we ensure every brand touchpoint design is congruent with the brand identity?

Brand Guardianship

How do we ensure our brand is never represented incorrectly by third parties?

Brand roll-out

How do we effectively roll out our new brand internally amongst our stakeholders?

Online Presence

How should our new brand be represented online; across our website and social media channels?

Are you Facing these Brand Challenges?


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