We have extensive experience working with SME Retail clients, developing effective strategies that boost both till and online sales. Our diverse client base in this sector includes one of the world’s finest butchers, male and female clothing stores and a french styled pâtisserie.

Clients We’ve Worked With

Client Testimonials

John D. McGovern, Director, Camden Square


“From the initial consultation with Frawley Branding it was clear we had chosen the right company to handle our rebranding. I was very impressed with their approach to the rebranding process. They quickly developed an understanding of our business. Through research and expertise, backed by their enthusiasm, they achieved a result that gives Camden Square very clear and strong positioning in a competitive and crowded marketplace.”

Gillian Foley, Marketing Manager, Dairygold Co-Op Superstores


“We worked with Frawley Branding to develop a new look brand identity that truly reflects our business. Tony & the team are remarkably professional and passionate about branding. They developed a deep understanding of our business and created a new brand identity that we are really happy with and passionate about. I would highly recommend them.”

Johnny Shanahan, Director, Barber Barber


“After years of trying to grow and improve my business, Frawley Branding was recommended to me by a customer, also a client of Tony Frawley. From day one he was as passionate about my business as I was and wasn’t afraid to tell me what I was doing wrong. Tony Frawley has a remarkable ability to see inside a client’s head, understand and visualise where I wanted to go with my business. In 10 years of business, working with Frawley Branding was the best investment I have EVER made.”

Elaine and Maria, Directors, Ela Maria Boutique Department Store


“Feeling disillusioned in these challenging times in the retail industry Frawley Branding has refocused our thinking, given us confidence in our brand and a specific plan to modernise our business and increase sales. Beginning with the re-branding process we thoroughly enjoyed the journey with Tony and the team and we love our new look which we feel is strong and modern and represents our unique identity in a crowded market. We are looking forward to the next phase of the project in the months ahead with a strategic plan and weekly goals and could absolutely recommend Frawley Branding to any business who feels they are ‘stuck in a rut’.”

Garrett & Fiona Landers, Directors, Garretts Butchers


“Since we commenced working with Frawley Branding, we have experienced continued growth in our business. Strategies developed by the team have been put into action and our customers have been delighted, complimenting us daily. The different strategies suggested by Frawley Branding have made a huge, positive impact on our business and have given us immediate results. We now feel that we have a strategic plan in place which we are working on a weekly basis and we can see the positive effects on our business. We couldn’t recommend Frawley Branding more highly for anyone in business. Working with Frawley Branding has definitely been one of our best decisions and is the best decision any business looking to grow will make.”