Brand Development & Design

Having unearthed insights and differentiators showing how customers perceive your company’s offering. Our experienced team of brand strategists and designers interpret these insights and strategically position your company to differentiate it from your competitors. We design a brand identity which is a true representation of your company’s core values, unique personality and brand essence.


We commence each project by discovering how your target market talks about your brand. This initial stage involves key customer research and market & competitor analysis. Our investigative approach uncovers telling attitudes and perceptions of your brand’s image and offering, forming the first section of your brand strategy document.

Brand Strategy

By gathering all key members of your organisation in a brand workshop, we dig deep into the characteristics that make up your brand’s aura. This workshop will solidify your brand’s vision, ideal customers, core values, truths and personality; aligning internal and external stakeholders with your brand strategy. We want your people to be able to answer questions like; who you are, where you are going and the purpose of your business.


Brand Naming

Once we have extracted all necessary information from the discovery and brand strategy stages, our experienced team of strategists and creatives skilfully interpret this data. We use our unique naming process to deliver the optimal name that is strategically relevant, meaningful and memorable.


Brand Positioning

A well positioned brand is like a protective shield within your industry and will prevent competitors from eroding your sales. We interpret what your customers are really buying from you, how your image and offering is different to your competitors and ultimately what makes your brand unique. We will then correctly position your brand, resulting in accelerated sales within your category and ultimately enable your brand to occupy a differentiated space in the mind of your customers.

Brand Story

We will create a short narrative that paints a picture of your brand working to its promise and in alignment with your customer’s brand expectation. Your brand story must resonate with your target market by communicating how it came to be and what makes it different. This story authenticates the brand in your customers’ eyes and creates buy-in.

Brand Identity & Guidelines

The brand identity is the visual representation of your brand. Data we have gathered surrounding personality, truths and values inform the brand identity design that our creative team will carefully craft for your organisation. Design elements typically include a bespoke logo, typography, colour palettes and supporting graphics. Once approved, brand guidelines will be drawn up to direct the usage of your brand on marketing collateral.

Brand Architecture

Brand structures are complex and dynamic. Occasionally, organisations need to simplify and restructure their brand portfolio due to acquisition or may require productisation of their services. Our expertise in constructing successful brand architectures helps your company maximise individual and aggregate brand equity.